UHF Readers & Antennas

UHF RFID technology has reached a stage of stable performance and reliability. The core technology based on the UHF Gen 2 standard and works well.

The handheld reader is lightweight, convenient for the data capture and read/write operations in inventory, logistics and supply-chain systems etc. The desktop reader with short reading range, but good for data record, initializing the cards for the specific system, encoding card number for user etc. 

The ingegrative readers with built-in circular or linear antenna, that meet middle and long reading range requirment. The split readers can be with 1 antenna port, 2 antenna ports and 4 antenna ports, which depends on the application needs.  According to the reading range requirements, there are different antenna gain options from 5.0dBi to 16dBi. 

They are applied to the parking lot, container yard entrance, high-speed automatic toll point and the entrance of exhibition & event , asset management etc. 

UHF Readers & Antennas

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