Laundry Tag / Garment Tags

The mass laundries requirements from hospitals, hotels, commercial laundries, textile rental are increasing all over the world. And the RFID technology has integrated to the laundry industry. The RFID laundry tags are ideal for identifying and tracking linens, uniforms, towels, bedsheet, work wear, medical garments and other garments. 

The relevant laundry tags are developed for different application purpose such as PPS epoxy hard laundry tag to resist rotary ironing, high temperature, harsh chemical environments. The silicone and woven laundry tag are soft and flexible to bend, fold and fit for the clothing and textiles. 

The RFID technology makes the whole laundry process more easily and efficiently, saves the labor cost, reduces the loss and theft, improves the inventory management etc.

Customized production requirements are available.


Laundry Tag / Garment Tags

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