Labels (Stickers) & Inlay

The labels with the features of soft and flexible, that can be in reel or fanfold packing, to meet the personalized printing requirements in different printers. The label surface material can be PP, PET, PVC and coated paper, with different types of adhesive, can be embedded with different types of antennas to meet the different interface needs. And the labels can be with personalized printing, encoding, numbering etc.


The etched antenna in wet inlay or dry inlay format that made in stickers, paper cards, tamperproof windshield tags, luggage tags, hang tags, apparel tags etc.


 They are widely used in logistics / asset / warehouse management, library, retail, supply chain, textile & fashion industry, event ticketing, product tagging, anti-counterfeiting, luggage tracking etc.

Customized sizes, shapes and specific production requirements are available.


Labels (Stickers) & Inlay

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