Keyfobs / Keytags

Keyfobs / Keytags are more compact and mini than cards, which are made of different materials such as ABS, PVC, leather and domed with epoxy surface to meet different application needs, can be attached with metal or rubber keyrings.

They are common embedded with LF and HF chip types, some can be embedded as hybrid keyfob for the pluralistic applications. They also can be offset printing on PVC, silkscreen printing on ABS and embossing logo on leather, optional engraved numbering or inkjet numbering.

The keyfobs / keytags are applied to access control and time attendance etc, especially the NFC epoxy keytags are used for mobile companion tags, phone attachments, bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing, business cards etc.

Customized sizes, shapes and specific production requirements are available.

Keyfobs / Keytags

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